F&F accessibility

We recognise the importance of providing an online shopping experience that is accessible to all user groups, including people with disabilities and visually impaired people. This section explains the ways we have optimised the F&F website for accessibility. You’ll also find information for users wishing to adjust their browser settings, plus suggested sites of additional support for blind and deaf people.

For information about how to navigate our site, please head over to our Getting started section. You will find the Getting started page particularly useful if you are a first time online shopper.

Standards compliance

The F&F site has been approved to WCAG 2.0 platform level A, of the W3C Web Content Accessibility guidelines. In other words, our site meets the basic industry standards for web accessibility. Despite our best efforts, however, we cannot guarantee that all areas of the site are fully accessible.

We are committed to making the site as easy as possible to navigate for all our customers. So if you encounter any serious accessibility barrier, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Accessibility features

Style sheets

In keeping with most retail websites, the F&F site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control all of the presentation and layout, and only uses tables occasionally to present pieces of data. Following this format allows customers who use screen readers to use their device’s navigational keys to browse our website.

Screen readers

We have grouped the menus together in a logical fashion for users listening to the site. If you are using a screen reader, however, you may find it useful to skip the site menus and jump straight to page content. At the top of the F&F homepage you will find a ‘skip content’ link which will enable you to do so. Your screen reader may also allow you to navigate by heading, frame or link. Our search forms, and any information submitted into them, are designed to be clearly read by a screen reader.

Navigation and links

Where possible, we try to keep our site links and navigation consistent throughout the pages. We also use clear language in website links so it’s easy to find your way around the website.

Non-text elements

It’s possible to use most of our website without having to view graphics or images. Where images convey meaningful information, we have attached a text alt to describe the content of the picture. Purely decorative graphics or formatting images have empty alt attributes.

Keyboard navigation

Although specific access keys are not used on this site, you should be able to use regular navigation keys such as ‘space bar’ or ‘enter’ to browse F&F. Our forms can be navigated using the ‘tab’ key.

Information and support for blind and deaf people

Contact details

F&F is committed to making this site as easy as possible for all our customers to use. So while we cannot guarantee that all areas of the site are fully accessible, we are continually working to improve the website. If you experience any difficulties, please get in touch with us at 0800 323 4070 or from a mobile 0330 123 4070.

Opening times for the Customer Service Centre are:
Monday to Friday - 8am to 11pm
Saturday - 8am to 8pm
Sunday - 10am to 6pm

You can also contact us by email here.