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Wolfgang Mwanje started dancing after being inspired by a show he saw while on a university gap year, and began by taking just one class per week. His career highlights now include being a backup dancer for Rita Ora and Rihanna, as well as performing at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Which music gets you dancing?
I love all types of music because I dance. I hear the music and then adopt a style which fits it.

Do you have a favourite, can't-go-wrong
dance move?

Nothing beats the running man!

What has been the highlight of your career
so far?

Performing at the Olympics was the highlight of my career –
I gave the performance of my life.

What'’s your top tip for unconfident dancers?
My top tip for learning to dance is to try different classes.
A teacher's energy will bring it out of you.

Who is your dance hero?
Shaun Evaristo was my earliest dance inspiration. When YouTube was first blowing up I would watch his videos religiously to see how Americans would do it.


Emma Atkins left performing arts college in July 2012 and went straight into rehearsals for the Olympics. She works as a model and actress as well as a dancer and her career highlights include working with Pixie Lott, Rizzle Kicks and Mika.

Who is your dance hero?
My dance hero is most definitely Beyonce. She knows how to work it. She is an amazing dancer as well as performer.

Do you believe that anyone can learn to dance?
I do believe that anyone can learn to dance, if you have the passion and determination. It's something that requires a lot of hard work; even the best are still working to be better.

Do you have any advice for aspiring dancers?
I would just say keep doing what you love, work hard
and you will be rewarded.

Which music gets you dancing?
I enjoy most music but I am guilty of a cheesy old classic.

Do you have a favourite can’t-go-wrong
dance move?

You can’t go wrong with a hair whip.

Natricia Bernard is a creative director and choreographer who started out as a dancer. As a choreographer, she has worked with Kayne West, Ke$ha and Florence and the Machine among others, as well as coaching her couple to victory on STV's First Dance and choreographing Katie Perry’s MTV award winning video for Fireworks.

Where do you get your inspiration?
When you're working off a great beat, that's where you get your inspiration – the music always comes first.

Where did you get the inspiration
for the F&F video shoot?

For this shoot I looked at the feel, the quality, the textures, the movement and the style of the clothes.

Can anyone learn to dance?
Yes, anyone can do anything, if they want to, it's mind over matter. Anyone can dance, you just need to have the passion to want to dance, and then work your
way up.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to break into choreography?
My advice for would-be choreographers is to spend some time dancing first! It gives you heart.

What tips do you have for
aspiring dancers?

To be a great dancer, you need to be confident, and you need to own it. If you commit to something, and you believe in yourself wholeheartedly, you’ll have more fun. And from fun, anything is possible.