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Style tips from my mother

To celebrate Mother's Day, we asked our favourite bloggers, celebs and stylists what they learnt from
the women who really know about style and beauty – their mothers. From always wearing matching underwear
to mixing bold colours and prints, here are their style tips to treasure.

"My mum always taught me that
comfort is key. If you don't feel good in what
you're wearing, it will show, and you'll be
distracted for the rest of the day."
"Invest in accessories, such as shoes and bags - you can improvise the rest on a tight budget."
"Once you've found your look, update it a little, but you don't need to change it. We've both got dark eyes with an English rose complexion and it works really well for us. My mother told me that as time goes by you'll need to change your products and even the shades, but if you know what makes you look prettier, stick with it."
"My mum never went anywhere without a generous spritz of fragrance and I guess that's why I'm a perfume obsessive. "People always remember how you smell - even if they forget your face," she once said to me."
"A tip my mum has passed down to me is to always carry some bobby pins. They're essential for switching-up your hairstyle quickly for an occasion. And I once even used bobby pins to secure a dress malfunction."
"My mum always said to use Vaseline for my lips and also put it on my face at night as a moisturiser. I'm in love with it for giving me soft skin."
"One piece of advice my mother passed down to me when I was a little girl was to always look after my skin. I vividly remember cleansing, toning and moisturising next to her in the mirror and how grown up I felt."
"My mum says to me, "Always remember
to wear matching underwear because if you ever got run over it
would be a disaster if the doctor was handsome and you weren't
wearing matching bra and knickers.""
"My mum told me never to be afraid to mix bold colours and bright prints. My mum's favourite colour is magenta pink and whether it's on trend or not, she will mix different pinks through her clothes, accessories and make-up; she has always had natural flair."
"My mum always taught me to wear red lippy whenever I was tired or not feeling great. It totally distracts from the eye bags and can perk up any pale and dull skin. Also at 5 feet 1 my mother is a prolific high heel wearer and she has definitely passed her shoe obsession down to me."