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Dress to impress and get some top tips from inspirational women at work
Dress | £30
Working 9-5? Make an office statement for spring with a pop of colour – team your tailored separates with a bright cami or slip a bold blazer over a fitted shift for instant success.
Top tips from the women who inspire us

Rebecca De Cicco
Associate Director Innovation, at David Miller Architects

"Personal style should complement who you are. In my case, confident, driven and focused. I believe influential women must always retain that sense of femininity in their appearance as well as their approach to business"

Jacqueline Frost
Co-founder and Managing Director Women in Business Superseries

"Hard work will only ever get you so far. Being strategic is what will get you to that elusive finish line. Spend at least 30 minutes every day on your strategy, which should include, amongst others, gaining visibility with key decision makers"

Edwina Dunn
Founder of the What I See Project

"I've learnt to get straight to the crux of the matter and to stick to the facts. My advice to other women would be 'less emotion and think more about the facts'. Let your work speak louder than your opinions"

Daniella Lipszyc
Co-owner of law firm Ultimate Law

"I need my work clothes to help with the transition from mum to boss. I carefully choose my work wear so that it gives me the confidence I need to shake off that morning's tantrums and ensure I mentally discard the chaos before I
enter the office"

The office fashion champion? Work the contemporary look with SS14's fresh florals and trusty biker or tapered trousers and statement jacket. Pair any outfit with heels – you'll walk taller and feel more confident.
Top tips from the women who inspire us

Jana Bakunina
Founder of Ladies Who Impress

"Your career path is not always an easy one and neither is it a guaranteed success. But what is success if you're not doing something you love? Find your passion and let the magic happen..."

Jenny Dawson
Founder of chutney supplier Rubies in the Rubble

"To make a real difference, you need to stand out from the crowd. It would be boring to be all the same and nothing would ever change. We are all made uniquely different and I love that, it needs to be celebrated!"

Emma Rowbottom
Director of PR and brand consultancy Seven Publicity

"I believe you are a direct representation of your brand. Looking the part is your business card to the outside world. If you dress right, others know you mean business, and that's a very good place
to start"

Karen Mattison MBE
Co-founder of Timewise

"I believe that you always regret the things you don't do, far more than the things you do. I set up a recruitment business from scratch. Starting a business felt risky, but I just couldn't have forgiven myself if I hadn't have given it a go. Sometimes the best things happen when you reach out and take that leap"